Tips to Winning at Roullete


The game of Roullete originated in France and is a derivative of Biribi. The object of the game is to predict numbers on numbered spots by placing chips in a spinning wheel. While there are many variations of Roullete, one rule is to play at the best table with the best odds. You should also make decisions based on the odds. Here are some important tips to winning at Roullete. Regardless of your experience level, you’re sure to find a winning strategy.


The history of the roulette game begins in the Middle Ages, when a monk invented the game to prevent boredom while on missions in China. Some researchers believe that roulette evolved from a game of chance that the ancients played, in which soldiers spun wagon wheels. In either case, the game of chance has a long and interesting history. In addition to being an exciting and popular game, roulette is a game of skill, chance, and strategy.


The odds of winning at roulette are a key factor for determining the chances of a winning spin. The casino rules skew the odds in favor of the house, making it important to know how to calculate the odds before placing your bets. A common mistake people make when calculating odds is confusing them with probability. Probability is simply the probability that something will happen, while odds refer to the ratio of your chances of winning to those of losing. Typically, odds are presented as pairs of numbers that have a particular probability of happening.

House edge

The house edge in Roullete is 5.26%. This is the share of the house that the casino keeps on each spin of the roulette wheel. This percentage is low and usually doesn’t exceed 100%. In games of chance where players have a choice, the house edge is either lower or higher depending on the strategy used. For example, a game with a higher house edge tends to have a lower expected loss per hour.