The Basics of Domino

The word “domino” is of uncertain origin and appeared as a game in France shortly after 1750. The word “domino” originally referred to a cape, long hooded cloak, or mask worn by priests. Because of its ivory faces and ebony black pieces, it may have reminded players of a priest’s cape. However, its name was soon adopted by people of all backgrounds and social classes, who were drawn to its intriguing strategy.


The Origin of Domino is a confusing question. Some historians believe the word came from the black half-masks worn by players during the Venetian Carnival. Others think it comes from Latin for master. Regardless of its origin, dominoes have been played for hundreds of years. One notable player of dominoes is Tutankhamen. The oldest domino set ever discovered is on display in his tomb in Egypt. Other famous players of the game include President Lyndon B. Johnson, who played the game at his base in Texas. Presidents and Kings throughout history have also been known to play dominoes.


Materials for dominoes vary widely. The maker community is vast, and chances are someone will create a domino from something you would never think of. Today, common materials for dominoes are plastic, stone, wood, and metals. There are even specialty materials such as foam for giant yard dominoes. But these are not the main focus of this article. Here are some tips to help you choose the best material for dominoes.

Game variations

There are a number of game variations in domino, such as the Matador game. The objective of the matador is to match as many dominoes as possible that add up to seven. The other variation of this game is the Double-Twelve, in which the goal is to add the pips on the layout that total more than three to nine. Game variations in domino are as varied as the players.


The basic rules of domino are relatively simple. Each player starts with an equal number of tiles. As the tiles are laid on the playing board, the playing area expands. To lay dominos, players must match numbers on the tiles that are adjacent to each other. If they cannot match numbers on any two sides of the board, they must discard all the tiles and draw another tile. If the first player cannot play a double, they must draw from unused tiles.


If you want to win in a game of Domino, you should know how to score the dominos correctly. There are three ways to score a domino in this game: matching the dominos on the board, scoring one, and blocking them. The player who scores the most points wins the game. There are two popular scoring games in domino online. Let’s explore them: