Gambling 101 – What is a Compulsive Gambler?


You may have a problem with gambling and want to get professional help. is a great place to start, as you can take a quiz to find a therapist and book your first session online. The site is reader-supported, but I receive a commission if you make a purchase through a link on this page. Admitting that you have a gambling addiction is a big step, but don’t feel alone! Many people have overcome their addictions.

Compulsive gamblers

There are a few key things you should keep in mind if you or someone you love is suffering from compulsive gambling. First of all, they are likely to steal from you and your family to fund their addiction. This is not the only way pathological gamblers can support their addiction, and many of them even engage in criminal activity in order to fund their habit. Compulsive gamblers may even try to use a compulsive gambling diagnosis as a legal defense.

Social gamblers

What is a social gambler? These people regard gambling as a source of pleasure. Although they may spend a lot of time in betting establishments, they control their gambling habits. Social gamblers tend to place their other obligations ahead of gaming. As a result, others may see social gamblers as addictions. In fact, social gamblers are a distinct subset of the gambling population. Below are some of the characteristics of a social gambler.

Life insurance

Although some may think of life insurance as gambling, it is an essential part of a comprehensive economic plan. It serves as a financial safety net for your family, and should not be dismissed as a waste of money. Even if you are a single person with no children, you should take the time to consider life insurance. Read on to learn more about life insurance for gambling and why you should consider it. Weigh the risks before you decide whether to get it.

Sports betting

You might wonder whether sports betting is really gambling. After all, there’s no guarantee that you’ll win money at sports betting. You can always try betting on the same game on different sites for a guaranteed profit, but that’s only possible with a system that uses matched betting or arbitrage betting. Unfortunately, this method can also lead to restricted accounts with bookmakers. Regardless of the reason for sports betting’s negative reputation, there are some simple tips you can follow to increase your chances of winning.