• The Midwest's Yaoi and Slash Convention
  • St. Louis, MO

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Crossplay Contest- Crossplay your way to stardom! Women dress as men, and men dress as women as the Kings and Queens of Bishie Con entertain you with costumes and skits! This is a cosplay contest/masquerade with one major rule: someone in each presentation must be cross-dressing in some way or another.

Click here to download the rules and entry form for the Crossplay Contest.


Fanfiction Contest- Entry for the 2011 FanFiction Contest will be open soon!


YMV Contest- The YMV Contest is an editing contest where you put together scenes from your favorite shows or movies into slash-themed music videos. Videos will be screened at the convention.

Entry for the contest is now open!

Download the form and rules here.


My Big Fat Gay Wedding- Did your cosplay character meet that special someone this weekend? Want to renew your vows to your cosplay partner? We'll bring you a giant, multi-couple cosplay wedding complete with a reception and cake! (No, it's not a real wedding, folks.) All of the couple spots are now full, but you can take part in the mass wedding just by showing up at the event during the con.


Red Light Disco (Saturday Night Dance)- Our all-request dance incorporates dance music new and classic with an awesome light show.


Whose Line Is It Yaoi?- Improv actors will play games from the hit TV show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" with a yaoi twist! Audience participation is a huge part of the show, so come full of fun ideas.


Open Karaoke- You're the entertainment! Come in for our open karaoke and dare your friends to embarrass themselves on stage. Sorry, but this is classic karaoke with mostly American and British music.


Newlyweds: Bishie Style- Last year's awesome game show is back, this time with more 18+ awesomeness! Bring your cosplay partner or best friend, and see how much you know about each other.


Yaoi Bedtime Stories- At this 18+ event, our mavens of mayhem will read you smut until the cows come home!


Karaoke Contest- Choose your favorite song (showtunes, karaoke standards, and pop music of the 50s-90s) to perform for prizes and glory. Cross-gender song choices are encouraged!


And more to come!



Panelis registration is now open! Want to teach everyone at the convention about your favorite subject? We're now taking panels on M/M romance topics (and F/F romance too).

Download the panelist form here!

Each panel will receive a reimbursement of $5. If there is more than one panelist, panelists will need to decide themselves how to split the money.