• The Midwest's Yaoi and Slash Convention


So long. Farewell. Adieu. You are all beautiful!

And so, after three years of fun and debauchery, Bishie Con is hanging up its rainbow flag and departing this world.

It was fun. It was really fun. I mean really fun. Every single wonderful woman (and man) who attended Bishie Con over the years made it the most fun event I've ever run.

Why are we going away? Well, the short answer is that it was never meant to go more than a year or two anyway. When I first started Bishie Con, it was with the intention of giving the Midwest what it didn't have - a con for yaoi and slash fans. We never had Yaoi-Con numbers and didn't plan for it, but we had enthusiasm. Loads of it. So much that after dismal numbers the first year, I couldn't help but do it again. The second year soared, but by that time, I was busy and stressed and really wanted to go back to running only Kawa Kon. But, when the demand got too great, I conceded with Bishie Con Cabaret. I won't say we had great attendance, but we did have a great time.

As I say goodbye to all of you, I want to leave you with two options for your yaoi and slash cravings. First, Kawa Kon, our awesome annual convention in March, is hosting its first-ever Adults Only track, consisting mostly of yaoi and slash programming. It will be about as much programming as we had at Bishie Con Cabaret, but it will be part of a weekend-long convention with so much more to enjoy! The other possibility is Ahn!Con, a new yaoi convention being run by a group of Bishie Con attendees in Kansas City.

In the absence of Bishie Con, please support these other events.

Again, let me just tell you again how wonderful the past three years were. Were they as good for you as they were for me?

-Katrina Lynn, Con Chair